Emilia are based from 6 years in the famous London Borough Market and distribute true Parmigiano Reggiano (parmesan) cheese, Pecorino cheese, prosecco wine, balsamic vinegar, gluten free salami and artisan food made to Italian quality and tradition. Now part of Slow Food UK they are passionate about the environment and food sustainability.

Picks Organic Farm is a family run organic farm and have been producing organic meat, vegetables and eggs since 1999. They strongly believe in the principles of organic farming, growing crops and rearing animals without the use of fertilisers, growth hormones or routine antibiotics.
Their Gloucester Old Spot sausage won first prize at the Melton Mowbray Country Fair and their gluten-free Dexter beef burgers are of exceptional quality.
They sell local seasonal game and organic eggs fresh from their 300 free range hens and Aylesbury ducks

Here at Ted's Veg, farming is in our blood. We've been farming now for at least four generations and we look forward to farming for generations to come.

Our farm is in Boston, Lincolnshire and although we now sell our produce at many London Farmer's Markets and London locations to our end consumers, this hasn't always been the case!
We started off our farming roots supplying to wholesale markets up and down the country but as years went by we expanded, relocated and evolved to what we are today.
One thing has always remained though; our produce has always been...
Grown with love and fuelled by passion.
Ted's Veg is committed to providing our customers with the freshest, home grown harvested produce, as well as sourcing the best exotic produce from around the world.

An ever-changing range of seasonal homegrown vegetables and salad from Ted Dawson’s farm near Boston in Lincolnshire, is picked everyday for its freshness therefore giving it the taste, our customers deserve.

Please be warned, our crops are grown CHEMICAL FREE, so you may find the odd bug, slug or caterpillar in your Ted's goodies!

BLENDED SUPERFOODS :- Our story starts back in 2014. I was in a corporate job, working all hours and battling to be as healthy as possible which, as we all know, can be a real struggle! I'd often drink fruit juices and smoothies but I found myself questioning 'When was this blended and has the lovely fruity, goodness just turned to sugar?' I decided to invest in a blender, that way I'd know exactly what I was putting into my body.
I quickly fell in love with making my own smoothies and would spend my spare time experimenting with different flavour combinations, blending morning, noon and night. I was amazed with how easy they made getting your 5-a-day and before long I was easily getting more like 8 or 9!
The Blended Superfoods team do all the hard work for you. We create delicious recipes focussed on specific health benefits and deliver them to your door in pre-portioned packets along with an added sachet of truly super superfoods! It couldn't be simpler!! Find them at the Geffrye Museum Food Market every Sunday from 11th June 2017


Marie's Little Jar was born out of Carine's deeply-held belief that everyone should aim to cook more at home. That said, she understands that not everyone has infinite time and resources to make delicious meals from scratch every day of the week. Marie's Little Jar products were all designed to bring that little extra oomph to your cooking, for minimal effort.
"Marie" is Carine's first name, and the "Little Jar" indicates that little kitchen secret, that jar of something special you always have in the cupboard so - by purchasing a Marie's Little Jar product - you are allowing Carine to share a little bit of herself with you.
Every one of our Marie's Little Jar products is made with love, right in Carine's kitchen at home, and each recipe has been vetted and validated by her friends and family. Every product is designed to be earthy and healthy, made with 100% natural ingredients, from both the UK and Carine's homeland of Cameroon, and we can guarantee - you've never tasted anything like them before. Find Marie's Little Jar at the Geffrye Museum Food Market from the 4th June 2017


Smart Car converted to sell coffee and teas. High quality, and from a really unique set up. Expect the usual Latte, Mocha, Flat white etc

The Lemon Street bakery is a home business run by sisters, Sumayya and Zainab. It all started as a hobby, experimenting with recipes and visiting cafes and bakeries across the country! Gaining experience by working in a bakery themselves, they decided to begin their adventure…
In 2012 they started baking the odd order here and there from home and eventually started supplying some independent cafes and running market stalls in their spare time to spread their divine tasting baked goodies. In November 2016, they decided to take the next step and built a large home bakery, from which they now produce heavenly cakes and sinfully sweet treats every week!
Each individual item is baked with the best ingredients so you will never have to compromise on taste, however all the dazzle and sparkle of the gorgeous cupcakes may make you think twice about whether you wish to eat them or stare at them lovingly!
Find them at Geffrye Museum Food Market every weekend Sunday from the 4th June 2107


Delicious Mexican and Spanish Street Food .
Our menu : Chicken and Veggie fajitas, nachos, burritos, quesadillas, choripan, chicken/chorizo box.
We offer vegan options and the chicken used is halal.
"Our food is very easy to grab and eat and  it's very tasty". 

“We’re Polental, we specialise in good old fashion deep fried cheesy Italian polenta balls, served with a tomato & lentil ragu, which when opened up reveals a baked egg inside!

We met in early 2016 due to our mutual love of all things food and haven’t looked back since. If you’re after something vegetarian that isn’t boiled veg, come see us. If you’re after something you can stuff down your throat at any time in the day, come see us. If you want to come and talk about your favourite episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, come see us!"


Meraki Mobile Gift Van, a beautiful converted van selling unique gifts. London's first mobile gift shop! I have converted a van into a gift shop selling unique gifts for all ages and if I do say so myself, it's pretty awesome!

Modern take on a british classic fish and chips.
We offer handcut chips , delicious fish with a choice of flavoured batter ; Prosecco/Lemon soda or Guinness. Homemade mushy peas & tartar sauce, along with a few extra tasty bites!
Reasonable prices . The best fish and chips you will eat!

Amazing produce from Franche-Comté region near the Swiss border in French Jura Mountains .
They come from a long line of farmers, butchers and craftsmen who have been producing their foods and running market stalls for generations and now they are bringing the flavours of their mountains to the UK via their market stall.

Finest Fayre do scotch eggs like you’ve never had them before! - a wide range of Scotch eggs and egg salad boxes which are delicious, hearty and satisfying!